Tuxedo Music offers a variety of music in different genres and styles.

The menu above provides links to the following categories:

  • Contemporary – Music in a variety of styles using pop instruments.
  • Orchestral – Music in different styles using classical orchestration.
  • Intros – Shorter music tracks for intros, stingers and transitions
  • Games – Music for suitable for use in a variety of Video Games
  • Ambient – Music and sound design for background and atmosphere.


On the left you will find full track listings in addition to some additional popular sub-categories containing some featured tracks in each.

Individual tracks may be purchased through Pond 5.

  • If you are interested in any track just clik the link to the right.
  • You will be taken to Tuxedo Music’s portfolio at Pond 5.
  • Enter the track name in the search bar in the top left.
  • A listing of the track and any additional edits will be provided
  • Clik on the track and you will taken to Pond 5’s purchase page.